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08 Dec 2014 | 16:51
Online Ad Growth Inexorable, Volatile | Yahoo's Firefox Search Battle Win Not Moving the War's Ou...Read on (opens a new browser window)

25 Nov 2014 | 22:21
Mozilla to Add “One-Click Searches” to FirefoxRead on (opens a new browser window)

25 Nov 2014 | 16:30's Top Searches of 2014 & Predictions for 2015Read on (opens a new browser window)

25 Nov 2014 | 14:30
Don’t Be a PPC Turkey: Last-Minute Tips for Your CampaignsRead on (opens a new browser window)

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Marketing Strategy and Visual Identity

Intersectie provides management innovation, marketing strategy combined with technical expertise to organisations bringing products and services to the information and communication technology markets. More about IntersectieLearn about the Intersectie company

Marketing Services

Strategic marketing is what keeps your company ahead of your competition and position you as a market leader. Gaining market share, increasing sales, lowering marketing... moreRead more about Intersectie's Marketing Strategy Services

Creation & Visual Identity

It's who you are. Your corporate Identity impacts all aspects of your business and plays a vital role in your customer's overall experience with your organisation. Having a... moreLearn more about Intersectie's Creation and Visual Identity Services

Interim Managers

Our marketing executives are all-round marketeers, who take on assignments in the fields of marketing, design and communication. Whether as a short term... moreRead more about Interim Marketing Management services of Intersectie.

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Interim Managers

Intersectie is looking for interim marketing specialists with a 10+ years track-record

Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Product Managers, Project Managers, SEM specialists, Campaign Managers, Media specialists and more We are looking for experienced interim marketing and communications managers

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