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Interim Marketing Managers

Our marketing executives are all-round marketeers, who take on assignments in the fields of marketing, design and communication. Drawing on our extensive executive database, we are able to deploy our candidates at short notice - to handle a wide range of interim management assignments, including executive cover for recruitment or skills gap. We use senior marketing resources with a university education and a minimum of 10 years working experience at renowned companies in various sectors.

We can offer solutions for any situation within your marketing and communications department. For instance:

  • if your Marketing Manager/Director is on long-term absence or maternity/paternity leave
  • if you need support to your Marketing Manager/Director
  • if your Marketing Manager/Director needs the support of a creative team with a marketing background
  • if you are making a change to your business model or target market
  • if you are looking at employing your own marketing person in the future, but want to establish a marketing strategy/culture
  • if you take on an inexperienced marketing person and you need to train them on modern marketing activities
  • if you have an experienced marketing presence who needs training on a certain discipline such as internet marketing

Because we are focused on delivering your objectives, not ours. If you need us for an interim marketing solution, whether it is for one day or one year, we fit with you and enhance your current status during your 'interim' situation.


We provide a full marketing service at a fixed monthly cost. We can tailor this to suit your budget. We can offer you any, or all of the following disciplines and services:  

  • Strategy
  • Increasing conversion rate
  • Market research
  • Logo and brand image work
  • Creativeinput & briefing
  • Webdesign and webdevelopment
  • Digital media creation
  • Search engine marketing
  • Brand management 
  • Exhibition and event solutions
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Product marketing
  • Coaching
  • Marketing communications planning 
  • Direct marketing campaign planning
  • List sourcing
  • CEO mentoring
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Copyright ©2015 Intersectie. All rights reserved. Member of the GMT Network.